Thursday, August 11, 2005


I'm one of those people that learns how to use things. I was the family VCR programmer ever since VCR's were introduced. I would go from house to house, whether my grandparents', or my uncles', or whoever, and their VCR's would all be blinking "12:00" over and over. I would set their clocks, and maybe program them to record their favourite tv shows. If their power ever went out, they would call me to come over and program their VCR again.

When I get a gadget or a software program, I try to learn the features. After all, I *am* paying for them, right? I have my cell phone linked with my MSN, for instance. So my family and friends can send me messages using MSN and I can pick them up on my cell phone (for *free*... thank you Rogers).

So the whole point of this post is to try out a feature of Blogger that lets me email a post into my blog. I'm doing this message in Hotmail from my wife's laptop. (Well, I suppose I could also log into my blog from here... but that's not the point, is it?) I don't know that I'll ever really *need* to be able to do this... but if I ever do, I'll know how to do it! ;)


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