Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Battle of the Century

I will never forget the day in 1976 I saw an advertisement for this comic. At ten years old, I was so excited I nearly wet my pants.

SUPERMAN!!! SPIDER-MAN!!! In the SAME comic together!!?? Never before had something like this happened! Superman was from DC Comics and Spider-man was from Marvel! What would happen when these two titans clash??? (Actually I was a little concerned, because Superman was, oh, I don't know.... a MILLION times more powerful than Spider-man...)

I did eventually get my hands on the comic (in fact for a short time I had *two* copies... I ordered one by mail, then later saw it appear at the corner store... I was so worried I might not get the one by mail, that I BEGGED my dad to buy it, and he did. Of course the other arrived a couple weeks later). It didn't disappoint me. It was awesome. I still own it.

No other comic could ever top the pure excitement that this comic generated for me.

(By the way, Spider-man didn't get squashed. He was secretly 'powered-up' by Lex Luthor without his knowledge, and... well, I'm sure you get the point)


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