Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Think It Was Better Than I Thought It Was

August 30th. I declare the summer movie season to be over.

The summer laid out pretty much how I expected when I planned out my summer movie viewing back in April.

Dark Knight, Iron Man, Hellboy, Indiana Jones... loved them all. Sex in the City was good, so was Hulk, and Kung Fu Panda was good too. (Didn't manage to see Get Smart somehow)

However, there was one notable exception.

Prince Caspian.

I wasn't happy with it at all. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the first Narnia movie. Choppy, unclear, and not a good interpretation of the book either.

However, I think I have to change my tune.

It all happened a few weeks ago, when my little guy and I started playing the Prince Caspian game on our Wii.

Every few levels we progressed, we would be rewarded by a cut scene directly from the movie.

I found myself saying things like, "Huh?" "When did this happen?" "They snuck into the castle and there was a big battle?" and such. On and on it went.

It turns out that I must have slept through at least half the movie. I *do* remember being a little dozy at one point, but it seems that it went a little further than that.

And, based on the cut scenes I've been seeing in the video game, it was a pretty good movie after all.

I wonder when it comes out on DVD?

Because now I can't wait to see it.


At 6:51 AM, Blogger Shauna said...

According to, it comes out December 2.



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