Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hey, Hey, Hey, Do the Flip-Flop Shuffle

Was at a mall today, and had a few minutes to do a little bit of people watching.

Did you ever notice that people who wear flip-flops walk differently than other people? They don't exactly walk; it's more like a shuffle. I expect it's because they're: (a) trying to WALK, as well as (b) trying to ensure that their flip-flops actually STAY ON THEIR FEET. Hence the "flip-flop shuffle." Makes me think of the old Rolling Stones tune "Harlem Shuffle." Which I've now been playing in my head for over two hours (thanks very much, flip flop people).

I can't wear flip-flops. I like my footwear to actually move in concert with my feet. Call me crazy. And I definitely couldn't get into the ones where the strap thingy goes between your big toe and your second toe. Some people have said that it's comfortable once you get used to it. Yeah, just like a thong, I bet... but you won't convince me to wear one of those anytime soon either!


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