Sunday, August 14, 2005

Wedding Crashers tickled my fancy

We actually got out with friends last night, had a huge meal and went to a movie. Wedding Crashers. I had heard that it was quite funny, but I was a little concerned because my two teenagers had both said that it was just 'ok.' (I'll tell you more about that in a minute)

I didn't expect to be anything more than reasonably amused, but I was happy to find that the movie was an ABSOLUTE RIOT. No, really, it was a total hoot. In fact, I was also pleased to discover that the trailer, while doing a good job of making you understand the plot, doesn't give the whole movie away. In fact, for the last half of the movie, I didn't have any idea where they were going from there.

So what was up with my teenagers? For the most part, they have similar tastes in movies to me. Why did they say it was just 'ok?' Well, here we go: they went with their MOTHER. They had seen it with her the same time I took the little kids to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So, naturally, if a movie is full of sexually charged comments and situations, along with a dapple of nudity, that doesn't lend itself to teenagers singing its praises in their mother's presence. When I confronted them about their mild praise after seeing the movie myself, they confessed that it actually ROCKED.

(Here's a funny aside... my wife, who saw the movie for the second time last night, confessed that she enjoyed it MUCH more the second time... since she wasn't with her children! So the door swings both ways.)


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