Sunday, August 28, 2005

I Like Pie

Maybe I should be more specific. "Pie" to me, was kind of a grownup thing, something my parents would have after Sunday dinner. Cherry pie, blueberry pie, rhubarb pie... none of them interested me enough to eat them. Apple pie was ok, although my dad freakishly liked to put cheese slices on top of his.

That all changed when somebody invented... Caramel Apple Pie.

Oh. My. God.

I discovered these a few years ago. Frozen pies are a popular fundraising thing around here for hockey teams and other sport groups. In fact my 16-year-old is fundraising with these pies so she can go to Scotland on a Highland Dancing trip next year, which must be why I've started obsessing about them again.

It's hard to explain how good these are. Put it this way: If my wife said to me (and I hope she never does), "Which would you rather do - get lucky tonight, or have this last piece of caramel apple pie?" ... I would actually have to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER my choice. That's how good these pies are. (You know, maybe someday she'll say, "Hey, big boy, come eat this last piece of caramel apple pie and then take me upstairs!"... now THAT would be a good day!)

Who knows, maybe THIS time I'll have a little more self control. Maybe we'll save the pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. No more cooking pies at eleven at night, to have them gone by twelve. No more sneaking to the fridge over and over, cutting tiny slices that will hopefully go unnoticed, until 'whoops no more pie!'

Let's just say, I make no promises... ;)


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