Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Evil Summer of 2005

Well, that's it. It's September, everyone's getting ready for school to start next week. The summer is gone. The weather today is trying to trick us, but there's no doubt. It's really gone.

We had a good summer as a family. Made some fun side trips here and there. Got away camping for the very first time, which can only be called a spectacular success if compared to how it could have turned out. Also, my wife and I got away with friends for an amazing kayaking weekend, which will certainly lead to more.

However, despite all this good weather and good experiences, this summer will forever be known as "the Evil Summer of 2005." Why, you ask?

That's because this was the summer that our eight-year-old daughter grew a fraction of an inch taller than her twin brother.

Which, under ordinary circumstances, would not make a whit of difference in the world.

However, this particular fraction of an inch was the difference, at every amusement park we visited, and particularly at Crystal Palace in Moncton, New Brunswick, between a STANDARD pass, where you can ride all the BIG PEOPLE rides, and the KIDDIE pass, where you CAN'T.

I won't go into any more detail, but rest assured that it was very painful.

(our 8-year-old girl on a big people ride... where I have already promised our 8-year-old boy that we will return to NEXT year)


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