Monday, February 27, 2006

Stop! I Have Me Surrounded!

This could possibly be the greatest birthday present ever.

In case I've never mentioned it before, I love movies. Especially on DVD.

HOWEVER, I now realize that I had NO idea WHAT I was missing before I got...

My Surround Sound speakers.

Oh. My. God.

Yes, I had a nice size widescreen tv. Yes, I had a nice little Sony DVD player with component video outputs. But I was like a kid playing little league baseball. Now I'm MAJOR LEAGUE, BABY!!

The sound difference is INCREDIBLE. All of a sudden, I hear sounds on my movies that I never heard before. I hear *background* noise coming from *behind* me! I can *hear* MOTION!!

Now, I want to play all my Star Wars DVD's all over again! And the Lord of the Rings movies! And the Matrix movies! And my new Eagles Live in Melbourne concert! And the Incredibles, and Minority Report, and all my 24 dvd collections! And I want to play them all LOOUUUUDDDDDD!!!!!

There's only one problem.

She who must not be named.

She who doesn't like loud things.

She who would prefer if TV's didn't use sound (except that it does occasionally give her the auditory cue to avert her eyes from her laptop for a brief moment).

She who thought that the TV was too loud *before*.

So how will we deal with her? I say "we", because I have acquired five allies. All five of the children. All I needed to do was play them a movie using the system. Then, to top it off, I hooked up the GameCube to it as well. Let's just say that they were suitably impressed.

But back to She Who Must Not Be Named.

Maybe I could go to a blasting company and try to buy those big earmuff headset thingies they wear. That might work.

Or maybe I could find something that *she* likes to watch, and have her watch it in surround.

Wait, she doesn't like anything on TV. Well, she does watch 24 with us, but not with the same fervent intensity that the teenagers and I watch it with. She actually types on her laptop while the show is on! Can you believe it? We can't.

Well, this is clearly a dilemma akin to the Gordian Knot. Or at least a Chinese Finger Puzzle. No solution yet.

But I'll let you know if one develops.

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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