Thursday, February 23, 2006

Think Pink

I'm back. Sorry if you missed me! Let's just say, I was having a hard time finding anything amusing for the last few days!

However, I did get to see the new "Pink Panther" movie. It was quite special, in the sense that it was a late show on a Tuesday, and my wife and I, for the first time ever, had a totally private showing. Not another soul was in the theatre. Which was kind of neat.

Anyway, back to the movie.

I didn't despise it, like I worried I might. I have special memories of the old Pink Panther movies, which I remember my parents taking me to in the 70's.

It was actually pretty amusing.

Nothing you need to *really* work hard to figure out, though. It's all pretty much right there.

The only problem, and not all of you will have this problem, is:

Peter Sellers *created* the character of Inspector Clouseau. Steve Martin has to do his *impression* of Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau.

So, other than that, it was pretty entertaining. I remember reading that they toned down or edited out a lot of the more risque jokes, to play to a broader audience. I can still see a hint of that in the movie, but it's still very family friendly. (Maybe we'll see some of those *other* jokes on the dvd)

Think of it as "Brokeback Mountain" meets "the Matrix", without any of the guy-guy cowboy stuff, or any of the cool science fiction martial arts stuff.


At 6:18 PM, Anonymous kylaaaa said...

... what?! how is that brokeback mountain meets the matrix at All?

you didnt even SEE brokeback mountain!


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