Sunday, March 05, 2006

By The Numbers

Just last night I remembered a little coincidence that surprised me back in 1976, when I was ten.

My grandmother had been out doing some shopping, and when she came home, I was pleased to find that she brought me a few comic books.

Three of them, in fact.

Here they are:

(This one followed a regrettable trend in comics back then: Often, a black character would have "Black" as part of his or her name. You know, in case we hadn't noticed.)

Anyway, I was quite impressed with my grandmother, as she picked out three pretty good comics.

It was only later that I realized the coincidence.

She bought me three comics.

And each of them, if you look closely you can see, was issue number three.

Kind of freaky.

Well, at least for a ten-year-old it was.


And since we're on the topic of weird little coincidences, here's another one from a few years ago:

When I was back working in Tech Support for an IT company, we were in charge of doing all the setup work for new employees. As we were approaching the year 2000, we were in a big hiring phase (remember all that "year 2000" computer panic?). Four or five new employees each week.

One week we had a couple of guys that gave me a brief pause.

One was named Andrew Peterson.

The other was named...

Peter Anderson.

Both of them, starting with the same company on the same day. If they were siamese twins separated at birth or something, well *that* would have been a little over the top.

But it was still a little freaky anyway.


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Dagger Woods said...

I was wondering when "that company" would get a mention on the Blog *G*... I even remember you talking about this at work.



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