Monday, March 13, 2006


That's the sound a kid made at the slush hill today.

Let me backtrack:

1) All five kids and I are off staying with my parents for March Break... while Mom stays home and earns the money. Yay Mom!!

2) Went to the slush hill today. (Formerly known as the ski hill). Two hours to get everyone ready, half hour drive, minimal amount of skiing and snowboarding, half hour drive home, everyone tired and wet. Sometimes I wonder why we bother. I hope the kids appreciate it. (Actually, we left the teenagers there to continue snowboarding. So they got a bit more benefit.)

3) One plus was that our eight-year-old boy was *finally* able to snowboard. He has always skiied, but we've never been able to rent snowboard gear small enough. But we did today. Oh, and he's a natural.

OK, back to my story.

The bottom of the hill, where people line up for the chair lift, was a total slush pit. The weather's just been too nice lately.

I was waiting at the bottom of the hill for the teenagers, to discuss our withdrawal plans for the smaller kids. I watched as the skiiers and snowboarders arrived at the bottom and swung around to get back in the queue for the chair lift.

One snowboarder, maybe fifteen years old or so, tried to do a little hotdoggy hop at the end of his arrival. He misjudged and fell backwards.

Full body into the slush. Spa-lash.

It was like flopping backward into a swimming pool. He displaced a *lot* of water.

It was funny as hell, but I did feel a *tiny* bit sorry for him.

Well, not *that* bad. I'm sure he's home, warm and dry, by now.

And if he has a blog, he has an amusing anecdote for it.

And even if he doesn't, he generated one for me!

(Must finish this soon. Teenage daughter waiting patiently for computer time. Can you *imagine*, a house with only *one* computer with internet? Poor child. The way she suffers.)


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