Monday, July 10, 2006

The Pirates Win Again...

The conversation went something like this:

DAD: "Hey, kids. Mom and I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean, and we think that it's a movie that you should probably wait to see until it comes out on dvd."

KIDS (in stereo... or one level beyond stereo where the sound is coming from three sources... surround sound!) : "DAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! It will be fine!!!!! We won't be scared!!!!! We PROMISE!!!!!"

DAD: "Well, I don't know..."

KIDS: "Pleeeeeeasssse Daaaaadddd. We REALLY won't be freaked out!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeassseee."

DAD (perfectly happy to go to the movie again by now): "Ok, then, so if you're all freaked out you won't be complaining to me, right???"

KIDS (sensing the turn of the tide) : "Oh yes, Dad, yes, yes, yes, no not us, no no, no..."

Long story short, I take them.

Even better, they dress up. Check this out... taken as we went out the door:

So we see the movie.

The end result: What did I even worry for? They *LOVE* it.

Can these kids be any MORE like their dad? I'm starting to think not.


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