Saturday, July 01, 2006

But Does He Taste Like Chicken?

Remember my poor little boy who wanted a pet a while back?

Well, thanks to my wife's birthday, the pressure is off a little bit.

One of our visitors at last week's birthday "non-party" for my wife, brought her a little gift.

A vase.

Full of water.

With a plant sitting on top.

And in the water...


A fish.

Siamese fighting fish. He seems alright. For a fish.

I've fed him for a week, and he's still alive. So far so good I guess. Seems happy enough in his cramped little vase. The internet tells me I'll have to change his water fairly frequently. I haven't decided if "fairly frequently" will mean "weekly", "monthly", or "whenever it occurs to me". I expect the latter is how that will work out.

The kids are very fond of him.

My wife is... well... let's say "ambivalent" and leave it at that.

Except, we adults all like his name very much. It came up during the party.

We call him "Sushi".


If he ends up, at some point, floating up at the top of the vase...

We can just roll him in rice, wrap him in some seaweed, chop chop chop, little soya sauce, and we're good to go. Yum!


At 12:42 PM, Blogger TC said...

Ha-Sushi, I love it. We had one of those and it actually lasted like, 9 months. It was a wedding favor (really, they gave out fish) and I drove all the way from home from Provincetown, Mass to NJ with it-my daughter holding it the whole way-she was so excited to have a fish. I feel for you. BTW, I have 3 blogs(overachiever, I know). One for work, one for family and then I write a column for the local coop so I turned those articles into a blog too. Sheesh, doesn't everyone?

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

frequently means "when the water looks icky" which is usually weekly or every other week. you take him out, put him in a cup or other container, and rinse his tank. refill it with water of the same temperature, and plop him back in. a little water conditioner wouldnt hurt, either.

if you decide he needs a bigger home and friends, he can live in a tank. keep in mind, though, that he breathes surface air and doesnt actually have gills, (his gill-like things are called labyrinths, and are more like lungs than gills) so dont make it too deep (he'll get tired from dragging all those fins up and down the tank). as for friends, livebearers work well. no tetras, they'll eat his fins off. no other bettas of either sex, because they'll kill eachother.

At 3:10 AM, Blogger I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

Oh, ick...but he is cute. We've had our fair share of fish, (always black moors) then a few we just have three cats and a dog.



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