Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Twisting by the Pool

Last week, after three years of swimming at the pool on Wednesday mornings, my little buddy and I had our final pool visit. The pool is closed for cleaning now, and then summertime's here and all the other kids are out of school. And when September comes, he'll be going to school with all the others.

To commemorate the occasion, I asked the lifeguard to take our picture.

(Yeah, ok, we're a little dark because the light was behind us, but beggars can't be choosy)

It was a fun day, but I was very aware that a routine with my little boy that I had come to enjoy was ending forever. (snif) Man, I'm turning into an old softie. Gotta go drink some beer and shoot some animals or something.


Since we're speaking of pools, now would be a good time to share an old personal pool related anecdote. I could call it my "Something About Mary" moment.

Let me phrase it as some helpful advice for parents of boys.

Parents of boys:

When you take your son to the pool, it's ok to let him wear his bathing suit under his pants on the way there.


Make sure to send him a pair of underwear.


He will (naturally) put his pants on without the underwear when he's finished swimming.


Being a child, he will exercise no particular caution zipping up the zipper.


the fact that a certain something special might not be tucked away as snugly as usual.


in a potentially very unpleasant situation.


and trust me on this one...

Your son will NEVER forget.


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