Thursday, July 13, 2006

Start with Five, See the Sights, Finish with Five.

We went to Peggy's Cove the other day, with all five kids.

Which is no big deal.

We did, however, also LEAVE Peggy's Cove with all five kids intact.

Which is a much more impressive feat.

You see, Peggy's Cove, being one of the most amazing sights around these parts, what with all the huge rock formations constantly being spectacularly battered by the Atlantic Ocean, is positively a kid's paradise of potential danger. So many rocks to climb, so many cliffs to fall off of, so many ways to get washed out to sea...

Our youngest child, our five-year-old son, definitely wins the award this year. He was so thrilled with the place, he was positively wired. My wife, to her undying credit, was either attached to the child or less than two feet away from him at all times.

We took lots of pictures. However, the place is so amazing, our photographs never seem to do it justice. Here are a few of the nice ones though:

Oh, on that last picture, and you may need to click through to the larger version to see what I mean, check out the expression on the little guy's face. That pretty much say it all.

Five in. Five out.

We win again.


At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Kelly said...

You are brave indeed. Peggy's Cove won't even make my list of places-to-take-the-kids for at least 2 more years. Bravo! Well played.


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