Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beware the Grim Reaper... and DELETE YOUR PORN!!

OK, last night I was off helping a friend with a computer problem. She had a pc which belonged to a family member who had passed away suddenly. She needed to see if there happened to be a will on it. But the computer got messed up in shipping and it wasn't working.

Now, I didn't get the computer fixed, it was pretty FUBAR'ed. However, I did take the hard drive from the computer and slave it into her own computer, so we could get access to the files.

I didn't find a will.

But I DID find... lots and lots of sweet sweet porn.


Now, to his credit, the guy who passed away was in his early thirties. Probably didn't leave the house thinking, "Hey... I might die today. Maybe I should delete all that porn from my computer!" And really, I'm pretty sure that anybody who keeps porn on their computer, no matter how well they hide it, figures that they will eventually have time to delete it so that it won't fall into the wrong hands. Clearly it doesn't always work out that way. (What *do* you call that anyway? Posthumous embarrassment?)

In any case, there you have it. Words to the wise:

Beware the Grim Reaper.

AND the Porn Finder.


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I'll have to get right on that.


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