Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'd Rather Have a Full Bottle in Front of Me Than a Full Frontal Lobotomy

On January 2nd, my 16-year-old and I went out on yet another fundraiser for her highland dance trip to Scotland this summer. This time it was a bottle drive.

I must say, people consume a lot of alcohol over the holidays. At least, that's my impression based on how many beer and alcohol bottles the group collected that day.

It was quite amusing watching my 16-year-old trudge from house to house politely begging for empties. (I was sitting comfortably in my car, listening to music and occasionally moving the car further up the street.)

Watching her carrying those cases of beer bottles reminded me of her early affinity for beer:

Perhaps I should clarify: I meant her affinity for BEER CASES, rather than her affinity for BEER itself!

Oh, one further comment for my daughter and any other teenagers who might have happened onto this post:

Beer bad.

Very bad.



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