Monday, September 04, 2006

Is Sex More Fun in Japan?

Maybe the title of this post is misleading. (However, I bet it gets me lots of random hits over the next few weeks, just like my "Nudity and Sexuality" post did... apparently 'nudity' is a very common word for internet and blog searches... I'm pretty sure that 'sex' is right up there too!)

Anyway, I really can't say if sex is more fun in Japan. However, I *can* say that condom packaging is more fun in Japan! Take a look at this collage of condom packages from a Japanese company:

(click it for a larger view)

Are these crazy or what? The "Kit Kat" parody called "Kit Sack" kind of made me laugh, but that one with the little cartoon cat girl caressing the big pink... um... thing made me go "um."

Do you think these are really intended for adults? Young-at-heart adults, I guess. I would have thought that someone did them as a joke, except that I saw the real website where you can buy them.

What's even funnier is when you read a translated version of that page, and hear what some of these things are called (or at least translated to)! Things like "The Chicken and the Position", "The Actual Condom of the Rubber", and "The Enormous Stick"!

If you want to see a translated version, go to
and then paste this website into the 'translate this website' field:
... then tell it you want it to translate Japanese to English, click the 'translate' button, and you're good to go!

... However, I do think they missed a golden opportunity to design one like Pikachu or Jigglypuff called "Poke-me, Mon"!!


At 8:25 PM, Blogger caramaena said...

There's something about Japanese packaging that makes everything look cute and fun. I was there years ago and it's quite amusing.

I thought 'um' about the same one you did - plus what's with the look on the monkey's face?

I know what you mean about search terms etc. For weeks afterwards I was getting hits from people searching about big brother. I couldn't believe how long, after the show finished, that people were still interested!

Perhaps I should try to work in the word nudity to see what happens. hehe


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