Friday, November 17, 2006

My Phone's Acting Phunny

Oh, and happy third anniversary kidney day to me. We're going out to have supper with my left kidney tonight. Oh, and my friend who's around it. You missed that epic story? Read it here, here, here, and here.

Now back to the actual topic of this post.

Yesterday was a pretty weird day with my cell phone.

At 8am, shortly after I arrive at work, my phone rings and I answer it. I hear this:

"Do you have any ladies working now?"

If I was a little quicker, I might have had a snappy answer, but I chose to stick with, "Huh?"

He hangs up. I guess 8am is a normal time to call for some female company. I would have figured that the nighttime would be better. But hey, when you really think about it, who cares *what* time it is? And if you're *paying* for it, you can get it whatever time you want!!

Shortly afterward, the phone rings again: "I'm calling about the car you have for sale."

This time, I actually manage to tell the person that they might have dialed the wrong number. Which is what I *hoped* was the case. Sadly it wasn't.

Through the day, three or four more calls convinced me that somebody printed an ad in the classifieds selling a car, but it was printed with *my* cell phone number.

As well, I get several more calls where people hang up as soon as I answer, or immediately say "Sorry, I must have the wrong number." Bizarro.

I come up with a clever solution. I stop answering the phone. Well, unless it's a number I know.

I don't know if the call for the ladies was just a fluke on a fluky day, or if there's another classified out there that has my cell listed as well. But I'm ready. I've already come up with a marketing slogan for an escort service. Perhaps I have a future in advertising:

"Willie's Escort Service! You give *our* Willie a ring, and we'll give *your* willie a wring!"



At 12:46 AM, Blogger I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...


Poor you. I have had a time of getting numerous "bizarro" calls at a previous home number. Pain in the 'arse.



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