Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ghost Riders in the sky on the Screen

Saw the trailer for "Ghost Rider" long ago. Said to myself, "Looks stupid. Must avoid."

However, my teenage son saw it back when it opened a week and a half ago, though. He said that it actually wasn't bad.

Which was good enough for me.

Saw it tonight. It totally didn't suck. It was rather enjoyable.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't "Chariots of Fire." It was "guy whose skeletonized head is on fire, oh, and his motorcycle too."

I was familiar with Ghost Rider from the comics as a kid. However, I must have read them at other people's houses, because I never actually owned a Ghost Rider comic. The closest thing to it was this comic, "What If?" number 17 from 1979:

It told the story of what would have happened if Ghost Rider made some additional bad choices and became a bad guy instead of a... um, sorta good guy. I must go dig that one out sometime.

You know, after this good experience, I might even be starting to look forward to "Fantastic Four 2, Rise of the Silver Surfer."

A little bit.


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