Sunday, March 11, 2007

POLICE SQUAD! in color. On my TV.

Yay! At the end of a weekend trip to Cape Breton, I dropped by my cousin Steve's to return the LOST dvd's that we never managed to watch.

And what did I pick up, but all six classic episodes of POLICE SQUAD!

Man, did I love that show. It was so twisted. Even then, I couldn't believe it was on TV. In fact, it wasn't for long. Six episodes was it. The "Naked Gun" movies that followed it were pretty good, but this show was *great*.

Going to watch it now, and add it to the list of classic tv experiences I'm sharing with my 14 year old.

Note to Steve:

You weren't actually *home* when I borrowed your Police Squad dvd. But your sister was. Yes, I know I live four and a half hours away. And I kept your LOST disks for a year.

Oh, and I also "borrowed" your Richard Donner cut of Superman 2. But I *returned* your 'regular' Superman 2 dvd!! So that one kind of balances out. :)


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