Thursday, March 08, 2007

REALLY Bad Timing for a Captain America T-shirt...

So yesterday my MIL comes up and brings my kid a new t-shirt. He loves it. Puts it on. Look at this.

Captain America.

I say to her (out of earshot, of course), "Nice timing. He's dead."


"Captain America."

"WHAAATTT?!?!?!", she says, with a little more emotion than I would expect from a lady in her 60's who has never had any real comic book ties that I'm aware of.

"Yeah, it's on the news. Comic just came out today."

She expresses disbelief. Remember this is a *fictional* character we're talking about. Tells me how fond she always was of him. (Ah, right, she's American originally.)

"Don't worry. I'm sure it won't last," I tell her. "Remember when Superman died? He eventually came back."

That was it for the conversation. And I haven't shared with little kiddie that Captain America is "dead". Somehow I don't think telling him would serve any useful purpose in his world.

But I'll always look at that shirt as the "Captain America death day" shirt. (shudder)


At 6:03 AM, Blogger caramaena said...

I've never actually seen much of Captain America (being a whole 'nother continent away and all). Was he a good superhero?

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Robin said...

Yeah, he's pretty neat. He was introduced during WWII as a 'super' soldier.

Like most comic characters, he's good when he's written well. And he's not when he's not.


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