Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wii Make Quite A Foursome, Don't Wii?

So you know how much we like our Wii.

Remember how I told you about creating a Mii?... well, I guess people like to create ones that look like *other* people, as well as ones that look like themselves!

See, I traded Wii codes with other Wii users (from a site called "Connect Mii") so that other people's Miis would show up and parade around on our machine in our "Mii Parade." (Trust me, it's kind of cool, no matter how dorky it sounds!)

Anyway, when they started showing up in our parade, a few of them had familiar names and faces:

Jack Black.

Harry Potter.


Adolf Hitler.

And even...

Ron Jeremy.

Any of these Mii's that I want to keep, I can drag them out of the Mii Plaza and keep them in my system to use in our own games.

Wouldn't that make quite the tennis foursome? Me and Harry Potter vs. Jesus and Ron Jeremy?

p.s. Oops... my 10-year-old daughter was reading over my shoulder as I typed and was asking me who Ron Jeremy is. I totally didn't answer her, but the correct response should have been, "You will never ever ever know." I just didn't think quickly enough.

p.p.s. And also please forgive the poor quality of the photograph. I'm hoping you'll cut me some slack, especially since I'll be going to hell now.


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Raf said...

Ever stop to think that maybe Ron Jeremy, Jesus and Harry Potter all made Mii's?

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Troy and Melanie said...

2285 4368 3671 2177


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