Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Pity the Fool... Who Knows No "Pity"

Remember when I was resisting watching Battlestar Galactica due to loyalty to the old 70's show?

Man, I'm glad I started. The other day I saw the third season finale, and it totally blew me off my a$$.

Which reminds me: have I never mentioned Television Without Pity? It's an awesome website that provides detailed, interesting, witty, and humourous reviews of a slew of popular tv shows. Each of these shows also has its own forum where fans blab about it. I've been following the 24 episode reviews for pretty much as long as I've been watching the show.

If you have a show you really love, go to Television Without Pity and read the reviews. If you have time, get into the forums too. You'll probably think it's all pretty cool.


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