Thursday, March 22, 2007

Now With Even More SUPER...

Watched "Superman 2 - The Richard Donner Cut" recently.

Holy Crap.

See, I've always loved "Superman 2". And I always managed to overlook the parts I didn't care for:

-the silly "rip the S off the chest and throw it at the bad guy so that it wraps him up in some weird way";

- the "since when do Krypton people shoot weird rays from their fingers?" part;

and especially the "I have no superpowers and my fortress has been destroyed, but suddenly I find a green crystal and all of a sudden I'm super again".

This is what the movie would have looked like if the man who directed the first movie had been able to finish the second (see, he actually shot a significant part of it back when he was making the first) instead of it having been taken over and finished by another director.

Let me just say, if you liked Superman 2 originally, please track down this movie and watch it. It's SO much more satisfying. Especially to see all the great stuff with Marlon Brando that was hacked off for financial reasons. It fits together with the first so much better.

You'll believe a man can... um... *totally* not suck.


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