Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oooooh, Wasn't That Scary, Kids??

Some days I just can't help myself. Especially around Halloween.

Last night was my Beavers Halloween party. Seasoned readers will remember the trouble I can get myself into at those.

Anyway, by yesterday at 2pm I figured I better decide what I will dress up as for the party. I dig through our big Halloween box, and see what presents itself to me. Lots of my old costumes either don't fit anymore (I'm much more.... muscular now I guess) or they have been pilfered over the years as dressup clothes by children. Anyway, my options are limited.

There were a few masks, wigs, and other pretty pedestrian items that I could have thrown on. My Dr. Evil pants were there, but I'm saving that outfit until the weekend, since I have to shave off my beard for that one. However, one item caught me eye.

A black body suit. Let's not call it a leotard.

I try it on. It fits.

Well, it doesn't exactly fit. It fits me in the sense of "I can get it on my body even though it's at least 2 sizes too small." Let's just say that if I was carrying a coin in the pocket (if it HAD any pockets) you would have known if it was heads or tails. Luckily, I have the physique to pull it off. Wink.

Once it's on me though, the wheels start turning.

After all, you need to push the envelope with Halloween, right? There are so many outfits out there that just aren't very scary. I was determined to redefine the concept of "scary". And I think I may have succeeded.

All it took was that black bodysuit, a skull mask, and I was transformed into....

The Ballet Dancer of Death.

Let me just say, if the kids weren't scared, they were certainly a little freaked out.


Oh, this whole outfit was formulated and executed while my wife was at work, which prevented her input into the appropriateness of my chosen attire. After the fact though, when she saw some pictures, she did have one comment:

"Don't EVER wear that suit again."


But where Halloween is concerned, I make no promises.


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