Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Hulk and I Have Unfinished Business

Does anybody remember this from 1982?

The Commodore 64. I still remember when we got it. The guy in the store actually said something like "It has SIXTY-FOUR K of memory! You'll *never* need any more than that!". Yeah. And "I love you" and "the cheque is in the mail" and "I promise I won't...", well, you get the point.

I did do some useful stuff, like learning to make little programs in BASIC language, but, of course, probably the biggest thing was being able to play video games.

I played lots of cool games. "Frantic Freddie" was a total Pac-Man ripoff, but it used ELO's "Don't Bring Me Down" (..... Bruce!) as background music, which added to the coolness.

Most of them were arcade-type games. However, one game I had, was an Adventure Game, which was kind of a role-playing game, in the very basic sense. It was in the "QuestProbe" series, and featured the Incredible Hulk.

The game would tell you where you were and what you could see. All you could do is give it two-word commands. Like "go west" or "throw ball" or stuff like that. It was basic, but still pretty cool. Well, up until I got totally stuck. In fact, the picture on the box shows you one of the places I always got stuck. Try and grab the gem, and the egg explodes, destroying the gem (and killing you if you weren't big and green at the time).

Eventually, I went away to university, life went on, and the C-64 got boxed away forever. Never did figure out how to beat that game.

But now I have a chance for closure.

It turns out now, that as always, the internet has rewarded me beyond my wildest dreams. The guy that made this game and lots of others makes them available on his website!

However, THIS time, he also makes available all the hints and solutions that you previously had to buy a book to get! (Which, of course, I never did back in 1982)

Victory will be mine. I can FEEL it.

So I better go practice my two-word syntax.

Go now.

Log off.

Hulk smash.

Bye bye.


At 9:49 AM, Blogger Tara's World said...

Oh My! You just brought back sooo many memories. In High School my friend had one of the first home computers. I remember playing games on it until his mom would kick us out of the house. The next year we got one and there was a game called Lemonade , where you had a lemonade stand and would try and make a profit. My friends and I would come home for lunch and play this game and watch Judge Wopner..Thanks Robin for bringing back some good times. Now I have a yen to play Pong...


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