Friday, March 17, 2006

Un-common Sense? Common Non-sense?

OK, I'm a little worried.

Are there different levels of common sense?

Is there a certain age (for instance, SIXTEEN) where you might, for instance, have common sense on *one* level, but possibly not yet on another?

Heres a 'for instance.' On one hand, I might be willing to relinquish my car keys to a particular person who may recently have earned a driver's license, assuming that they have the common sense to keep themself alive, as well as anybody else in the vicinity of that huge collection of speeding metal pieces which they are commandeering.

However, as I walk through the kitchen, and find myself suddenly stuck to the floor like a bug in a roach motel, because THE SAME PERSON WHO I MIGHT TRUST TO DRIVE A CAR SPILLS POP ON THE FLOOR AND SIMPLY WIPES IT UP WITH A DRY CLOTH RATHER THAN USING ANY WATER OR SOAP... well, let's just say that it gives me pause for concern.

Is there any way that I can reconcile these two scenarios?

Because it's making my head hurt.


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Tara's World said...

How this post takes me back to when my daughter got her license. At some point we just have to let go and see what happens ( thats what insurance is for) My daughter cant remember to clean her room or empty out the litter box, but she does remember to signal for a right turn and not roll through a stop sign. Parenting, its like a ride at an amusemenet park sometimes!

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Tracy said...


At least she made an effort to clean up the spill!

and as long as she knows not to try to do that while driving your car, i'm sure she'll be fine :)

At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the fear of cops is greater than the fear of parents...

At 4:10 PM, Blogger Kyla said...

DUDE, i don't DRINK pop.

wrongfully committed of a crime?



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