Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yes, I'm a real headbanger... meaning, I bang my head a lot.

In fact, I am firmly of the opinion that bald guys, in general, bang their heads much more frequently than non-bald guys. And when they do, they bleed a lot more. I don't understand the scientific principle underlying the phenonemon, neither do I have hard facts to back it up. But I do truly believe it.

In fact, here's my latest hard luck story:

On Monday, shortly after completing my last blog post in fact, I was resolving an erratic internet connection by rebooting my cable modem and wireless router (tip for the non-technical: if you have internet problems, try this before calling the company. Just pull out the power cables and wait a couple of minutes, then plug them back in... but I digress).

So there I was, hunched low to the ground in front of my computer desk, while, unbeknownst to me, the computer desk's keyboard tray was silently gliding out to full extended position. I bring my head back up, and whack it against the sharp corner of the tray. Hurt like hell. Said a couple of words that weren't too nice. Took a nice chunk of flesh out of the old bean.

I figured I should put something on it. Remembered that there was a nice cool bottle of aloe gel in the bottom of the fridge. You might recall that I was still suffering from a head cold at this time. Maybe a little more loopy than usual.

See where this is going yet? Well, just wait.

So I open the fridge. Bend over to retrieve the bottle of aloe and...

Hit the front of my head on the corner of the handle of the freezer door. Said a few REALLY bad words.

The mark on the front of my head faded pretty quickly, but the gash on the side of my head must be pretty obvious, from the number of comments I've been getting on it! It doesn't help, of course, that I shaved over it while shaving my head this morning. (I was trying to avoid it, but, well, it's farther back than I can see...)

So, although having a bald head is a huge sign of macho virility and a giant magnet for chicks (wink)...

It's not all fun and games.


At 9:57 AM, Blogger TC said...

"Daddy, what do those words mean?" I recently had a similiar episode, where a cabinet door came open as I stooped down to pick up something. I took the corner of the door right to the head and saw stars. Of course, being a transplant coordinator, my first thought was "Oh, God! If I'm a donor, my surgeons will see me naked!"

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Robin said...

Now *that's* funny. Vanity lives, even after death...


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