Sunday, July 30, 2006

Is Techie Humour Funny to the Rest of the World?

OK, just like I try to be obscure about my kids, I'm also not going to talk specifically about my workplace. Except to say that it's a software development company, it's still pretty young, and I'm doing application support. And I'm going to have a blast... provided my head doesn't explode.

One thing that made me laugh this week was this joke on someone's wall. Remember, I'm a computer geek, so I found it hilariously funny. I'd be interested to find if normal people feel the same way. It's about how a software product gets created:

(you'll need to click it to read the captions, though, I expect)

So, for reference purposes, I'd be in that process around the second to last box. Removing a section of my leg along with the tree, I suspect. We'll see.


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

Yes, Robin. It is still funny to a non techie. It is so applicable to other things in ones life.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Raf said...



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