Thursday, August 03, 2006

Guys! Did You Get Your HAIRCUT Yet This Week?!?

I've never seen this phenomenon before.

The week started normally enough. On Monday, I noticed that a guy at the office had his hair cut. I can't help it. I just notice things like that. It's always been a big hit with the ladies. (I just say, "Hey, did you get your haircut?", and when they say yes, I say, "It looks good." Then they get all smiley and say that they wish their *husbands* would notice when they get their hair done. Works like a charm. Strangely enough, my own wife, reading over my shoulder as I post, notes that I have on occasion actually missed *her* haircut... which let's just call 'the exception that proves the rule'!!)

But I digress.

Anyway, guy gets haircut, no big deal. But then, as the week progresses, I notice another one. And another one. And *another* one. And *ANOTHER* one. Huh?!?

What the hell is going on?!?

Clearly, it's "every guy needs to get a haircut week" and nobody told me! Suddenly, I feel very inadequate. Seeing as how getting a haircut is a bit of a challenge for me.

Does shaving my head count? In the last week and a half, since starting my job, I've shaved my head every friggin' day! That must count for something!! Although, technically, it probably qualifies as a "headscrape" rather than a "haircut".

There must be *some* way that I can participate in the fun. You know, thinking it through... I suppose I do have a *few* options before the week is out:

1) I could put the three-quarter inch guard on my clippers and give the old chest hair a trim!!! Make everything all neat and manageable.

or ...

2) Maybe, with my honey's help, I could do my back! (Although I have a few friends who do that... let's call them "the missing links"... who say that once you start, you have to keep doing it... which is a road I don't think I really want to go down, thanks anyway)


3) Perhaps I could even do my.... um.... no, let's forget that idea. The itch alone, I bet, would be unbearable.

Oh well. I guess I'll just have to stoically suffer it out, in all my sexy baldness.

Stupid Haircut Week.


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