Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Suit

I arrived home from work last night, knowing the house would be flying preparing for the evening's school Christmas concert.

Had it occurred to me, I might have expected what I saw. But I didn't.

My little guy, performing in his first ever school Christmas pageant, was wearing...

The suit.

The suit that all of our boys have worn to special occasions over the years. There haven't been *too* many, I guess, because it's held up pretty well.

It always gives me a little shot of nostalgia, or something similar. Here's a quick retrospective of the suit from 1997, to 2002, to 2006:

Before long, I suppose, it won't fit anyone in the house any more. We'll hand it off to another young man, or possibly store it in "the trunk of kids clothes that we just can't bear to part with".

And I have to say, when that time comes, I'll miss the suit.


At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

He looks so proud!!!!!


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