Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy LKL Day!

Happy LKL Day to me. By that I mean, Happy Left Kidney Liberation Day. It was two years ago today that my left kidney was liberated from my body to take up permanent residence in my friend's body. And it's called HAPPY LKL day, because we are happy that the kidney has continued to stay and work properly in her body, which is pretty important as far as transplanted organs go.

Tonight, my wife and I will go out to supper with our friend for our surgery anniversary.

Maybe I'll buy my old kidney a beer for old times' sake. ;)


At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Lisa said...

hello, found your blog in passing and it caught my interest. i have a very close friend who lost her son about 2 years ago and about a month after that found out her husband needed a new kidney. hows that for irony? well her husband received a new kidney back in febuary and is doing great. so in short i junst wanted to say kudos. the world needs more people like you.


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