Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Doctor is Out

OK, the scar has gone back into the creepy skin container, and my beard has already started to come back to a nice stubble. The mascara has even washed out of my eyebrows, more or less.

Dr. Evil is done for the year.

I had another good day on the 31st at my kids' school. I was swarmed by kids who: (a) Wanted to know where Mini-me was; or (b) wanted me to admit who I *really* was.

One of the highlights of the day was completely psyching out the vice principal, who did not recognize me when we passed and spoke in the hallway, despite the fact that he sees me and speaks to me every single day. The power of disguise is very heady.

Doctor Evil has had a few really good runs. I think I'll have to work on some new ideas for next year.

But not likely the Ballet Dancer of Death again.


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