Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why Sleep When You Can Watch Harry Potter?

Took my 16-year-old and 13-year-old to Harry Potter Thursday night. At midnight. On a school night. I'm either an amazing father or a total idiot. Or both.

Anyway, at 945pm I called home from our dinner out and said to them, "Get to bed quick and take a nap so we can see Harry Potter at midnight!"


That's how fast that conversation went.

Anyway, here's how we found the movie:

It was great.

Here's the longer version:

It was very enjoyable. It moved very fast, and I wonder if the non-book-readers will be able to clue in to everything that's happening. You should find one of them and ask them how they liked it too.

Oh, and it's pretty scary at times. My 4-year-old will NOT see this in the theatre. I'm on the fence with my 8-year-olds. At first I thought maybe no, but now I'm thinking maybe yes.

Oh, and yes, the story is scaled WAY down to fit into a movie. But what's up there is really well done.

So yes, it was worth staying up until three in the morning to see. I remember telling the kids to make sure they don't act cranky in the morning after getting the benefit of a late night adventure. I said something like, "You better be so friggin' cheerful that butterflies fly out your butt!" They got the point.

Next morning, I don't recall seeing any butterflies, but then again, I don't recall anyone cranking either.


At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Connor said...

No butterflies huh. Guess i must have been hallucinating from lack of sleep. ;)


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