Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Introducing... a New Body Part!

So last night I was getting my four-year-old out of the tub.

Now, he's pretty clear that he wants to be completely dried off before he puts his jammies on (which I suppose I can't argue with... I agree it's no fun when they 'stick' to you if you're still wet). So, he was telling me what parts weren't dry enough, and I was helping him dry off.

"Armpits", he says.

No problem.

"Leg arm pits," he says.

Leg arm pits? I wonder. I know what he's talking about though.

So I say to him, "Um... you can't really call them leg arm pits, little buddy, because your arms don't have anything to do with it. "

I suggest he could go with "leg pits" if he really wanted, or just call it the area between his legs.

"Daaaaaaaaad." Clearly he doesn't agree.

To prove his point, he lifts his arm. And points to the arm pit.

Then lifts his leg. And points to the leg arm pit.

The look he gives me indicates that the case is closed.

So there you go. Never argue logic with a four-year-old.

And always dry your leg arm pits before you put on your pajamas.


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