Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is It a Cruel Joke of Nature?

... or is Spring really coming?

I let the kids stop wearing snow pants last week. The begging and pleading finally wore me down.

The sky actually seems BLUE again, and the sun seems to be brightening things up.

However, we *do* live in CANADA.

So we've been fooled before. We've had snowstorms this time of year. In fact, from what I hear on the radio, Newfoundland is getting blasted by a major storm right now.

To illustrate my quandary, please observe the garden in front of our house:

You can see snow shovels waiting diligently, while cute little flowers pop up through the hay (or whatever that stuff is my wife's mother puts down...).

Do we put away the shovels?

I'm afraid to. Kind of like tiptoeing past a sleeping pit bull with pork chops hanging out of the waistband of your pants. Know what I mean? It's not wise to tempt fate. We were dumped on enough this winter.

All I have to do is keep thinking of how things will be soon:

... but I think I'll leave the shovels out a *bit* longer.

Just in case.


At 12:31 PM, Blogger Tara's World said...

That picture is wonderful. We have a saying in Tx , if you dont like the weather wait 5 mins and it will change. Also I trust a weatherman as much as I trust a used car dealer.


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