Saturday, April 01, 2006

tweet tweet tweet PHWOOMP!!!!

Here it is. We have verification that crazy things you see in animated movies DO sometimes come true.

Remember this scene from Shrek, where Princess Fiona makes the little birdie sing so high that it blows up?

Well, I have photographic evidence that this actually happens. Here, for your consideration, I present an undoctored photograph, taken by me this afternoon.


Feathers! In an explosion dispersion pattern! They were discovered after the snow melted!

Clearly, an unsuspecting bird was singing, got a little carried away, and then THWOOMP!

Please warn your family and friends to stay away from birds that are singing too high. Feathers aren't that big a deal, but flying beaks or claws could be like shrapnel!

You might think I'm being silly. However, if I save even *one* bird lover, then that's a cross I'm willing to bear.


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