Saturday, August 05, 2006

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Hard Drive Space Gone, Oh Where, Oh Where Can It Be....

Isn't this pretty?

It's my hard drive.

Well, it's not *really* my hard drive, but it is a nifty little 'graphical representation' of my hard drive! It's thanks to a neat (and FREE) program called SpaceMonger. I even like the name. SpaceMonger.

See that big white block? That's how much free space I have. All the other coloured blocks represent files and folders, and their size in the image is relative to how large they are in your hard drive. You can 'dig down' deeper into folders and subfolders as well, and delete any files you don't want directly from inside the program.

Very handy for seeing what's taking up space on your computer. Bear in mind that if you have a proclivity for downloading porn habit of saving large files on your pc, it will be easy to see where they are.

Here's the link where I got the program. If you're interested.

But please don't blame me for what you find. (wink)


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