Monday, December 18, 2006

Deck the Halls, You #%$#& #$%$@^@#!!!!

Yes. I love humanity.

My wife and I took a day for Christmas shopping today. Usually we do it very early in December, but this time circumstances conspired against us and here we were.

But I must say, WOW! We're going to have to shop the week before Christmas EVERY year!

It's SO much NICER to shop the week before Christmas:

1) ALL the stuff you want to find is just SITTING on the shelves available for you to buy!

2) The other shoppers are SO nice! And they DRIVE so well! And they park their vehicles so CAREFULLY! And their conversations are so INTELLIGENT!

3) And the malls and the shops are practically EMPTY!

4) And the people WORKING in the the stores are so EAGER to help! They come right UP to you! And they speak so POLITELY!

5) And even my wife and I get along so WELL when we're shopping in such a pleasant situation. We weren't HOT, or TIRED, or FRUSTRATED at all!! And we CERTAINLY didn't discuss getting divorced!

So, after such a satisfying day, I can TRULY say with all my heart:



At 3:38 AM, Blogger caramaena said...

Oh dear...

You know, every year I say to my partner "We have got to get our shopping finished by November".

So have I finished? No...

At least I only have a couple of things to get.

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Kelly said...

So I guess you were on that shopping trip when you called me? No wonder you weren't your usual jovial self. Hope you have recovered.


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