Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Magical Healing Powers of... Um...

Yesterday, I bought a bottle of "Minard's Linament". I didn't think they even made that any more. I used to use it for sore muscles when I played volleyball in high school. I figured, if it was good for me then, it's good for me now!

I must tell you though, I think medical knowledge has advanced significantly since they originally invented this stuff.

When I applied it to my shoulder and my knees, most of my team leaped up and reacted strongly. (ie. cleared about a twenty-foot radius around my person). Which lead me to check the 'medicinal' ingredients.

The magical components are:

Camphor (that one sounds ok)

Ammonia (um, must be why it clears my sinuses too...)


Turpentine. For... cleaning paint off my sore muscles?

Well, at least there are no bat's wings or eye of newt.

And it *did* make me feel better! At least until the cancer sets in.


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