Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Microscopic Piece of Spidey Movie History...

And to think I almost forgot about this...

Months ago, there was some promotiion for the Spider-Man 3 movie where they invited fans to send in photos to be used as a photo mosaic.

So I did.

Then I totally forgot about it.

Until a couple of days ago.

So I did a Google search for "Spider-Man 3 Photo mosaic" and came up with a link for

Then I searched for "Robin" in the 'search within' section... and what was the first thing that came up? The picture I submitted! It's not actually me. It's my little guy and his friend Paige. And they're totally disguised... but I know it's them!

There's actually a ton of them all around that area of the picture.... here's the full picture and a close up of some of the details:

So now my kid is a part of Spider-Man history.

A *microscopically small* piece, I'll grant you, but still cool.


Here's a link directly to one of the coordinates, if you want to browse around:


At 4:00 AM, Blogger caramaena said...

That's pretty cool!


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