Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Craptastic. That's basically the word for how I feel.

I'm sick. When I lie down I feel better, but when I stand up the little man inside my head starts pounding on my skull walls, saying, "HELLOOO!!! ANYBODY HOME????" And then occasionally, I'll do a little cough which makes me think of the alien bursting out of John Hurt's chest from "Alien" in 1979.

I must thank my dear wife for passing this lovely bug on to me. None of the kids have it. Must be thanks to our good hand washing. However, when you sleep with someone, you have no way of knowing if they are coughing on you all night long. I bet that's what happened. Just so I can share in her misery.

I'll have my revenge though. She was sick for four days before me. Thanks to my iron constitution, I'll be better in a day or so, and she'll be sick for another week.

Although we're sick, today was nice. Grandma took our littlest kid out to lunch and to the pool. We lay around watching old episodes of "Emergency!" which we have on DVD. Remember that show? Back in the early 70's I thought it was pretty cool. It still is, but it's also pretty funny to laugh at the melodrama and bad acting. Anyway, it was pretty relaxing... until all the kids came home of course. Then we had to be PARENTS again. Blah.


Oh, on a side note, "Alien" was the first restricted movie I ever got into. 1979. I was 13. And I looked it. I put on my dad's cool 1970's boots, and went with my friend Walter Adams, who looked even younger than me, although he was a year older. Walked up to the box office, and the lady said, "How old are you?", to which I replied, "Um... 18...would you believe my birthday is next week?" She gave me a little smile and let us in. What a cool movie. Scared the S**T out of me.


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