Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Good Time Down in the Hood

Finally saw "Hoodwinked" with the kids. Tried last week, but it was sold out. As it was, we were way up front (second row even) this week, but that didn't bother anyone at all.

Two big thumbs up.

It's much like Shrek, in that it takes fairy tale ideas and puts a modern spin on them, and also that there are at least as many jokes in it for adults as there are for kids.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, except for the five or so minutes that I was asleep, and the several minutes before that when I was nearly asleep. (Don't blame the movie; it's not its fault. Chalk it up to my chronic sleep deprivation.)

I'm already looking forward to seeing it on video. For no other reason than to fill in that blank spot!


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