Saturday, August 12, 2006

Time to Pay the Piper

I said this was going to happen. Last summer.

Longtime readers might remember the great divide caused by a fraction of an inch. Or maybe not. In any case, you can read about it here.

Go ahead, I'll wait.




Are you done? So, anyway, we made our triumphant return to the Crystal Palace indoor amusement park in New Brunswick today. We didn't stay overnight or anything. It's only a two-and-a-half hour drive, so we left shortly after 730 this morning, stayed for the day, and got back home here about 1015 pm.

And I can confirm that my mission was accomplished. The heartbroken little boy from last year is now a triumphant 'standard bracelet' wearer. No more kiddie rides for him. (In fact, those adhesive 'bracelets' from the amusement park are multiplying on his arm. He started with one, and now has three. And he's put in his request for mine as well, so I need to be careful taking it off.)

Yes, all the *rest* of us had fun too, rode lots of fun rides over and over (and over), and even broke for a movie in the afternoon ("Zoom", which was very enjoyable for the kids, and faintly watchable for the adults)... but, as I said, the true goal of the day was to wash away last year's sad memory. Here is the photographic proof:

Yeah, well, ok, it's a little blurry. But give me some credit, all right? I was about thirty feet up, travelling I don't know *how* fast, and a *little* nervous about even USING my camera while riding a crazy amusement ride. I said, "I should take a picture of this for my blog." Just look at the lengths I go to for you people!

In any case, you can't miss the smile, though. That smile was the whole purpose for our trip.

Good thing I didn't get hit by a bus or anything since last summer.

Then I never would have had closure.


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