Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Return of the Game Inspired by the Toy Based on the Movie

Well, even THAT'S not exactly true.

It's the SEQUEL to the game inspired by the toy based on the movie. In fact, it's the sequel to the game inspired by the toy based on the series of movies that themselves were PREQUELS to the series of movies that the toy is based on which this game is inspired by.

Ow. My brain.

Anyway, let's just call it "Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy."

Or, for short, we could just call it "fun". Because it's a big friggin' ball of it. And it's making the kids pretty darn happy. The big old kid too.

Or else we could call it "just about the darned hardest game to FIND anywhere!", because that's what it is too. The saga of me getting this game is nearly as long as the Star Wars saga itself.

Allow me to elucidate:

For the last couple of weeks, I called every Wal-mart, toy store, and video game store anywhere within driving distance. And ALL of them were sold out of this game.

Eventually, I hit upon trying places in Sydney, which is a five hour drive away, except that I have lots of family members scattered around there. So I call around, and on the second call, I find a Wal-mart that has the game.

ONE copy. Which they would hold behind the counter for.... a whole hour.

I immediately call my parents. Who clearly have a WAY too busy social life, because they were out round dancing, or at some meeting or another. I leave them a message. But, with an hour clicking away, I figure I better call in some of my secondary operatives.

Who fail me miserably. Let me do a few shout-outs (or let's call them Shout-ATs):

Steve: Do you even LIVE at home any more? Man, and get a cell phone will you? Oh, and a driver's license BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T EVEN PICK UP THE STUPID GAME FOR ME BECAUSE YOU LIVE TOO FAR AWAY TO DRIVE THERE ON YOUR BIKE! But at LEAST you could have given me your sister's number! SHE has a car!!!!

Jen: As I mentioned above, I DON'T HAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER!! (No, I didn't call directory assistance. That just occurred to me now.)

Kelly: I called at seven p.m.! You have three kids!! How could you be anywhere else BUT home?? Are you screening your calls??


Anyway, as you could see, my secondary operatives failed me miserably. (Oh, by the way, secondary operatives, you're all out of my will. Or if I ever WRITE one, you will be.)

The evening ends. My despair deepens.

Next morning, from work, I call my best hope. My parents again.

They got my message. But they were home to late to return it. The party animals. However, my dear mother calls Wal-mart. And they STILL have that one copy of the game. Which they go and buy. (Oh, Dad... just send me the bill for that will you? bwa ha ha ha haaaaaaa)

Our story ends this morning. I pick up a parcel at the gas station where the bus company has its parcel depot... and what do I find? A mended robe, a repaired pair of pants (thanks Mom), and... the game.

Which, by the way, I want to play more, so I need to get the little kids to bed so my fourteen-year-old and I can REALLY take it for a test drive. Score some coins, unlock some characters, get carpal tunnel... you know, normal fun stuff for a grown man on a Saturday night. ;)


At 10:05 PM, Anonymous andrew said...

how come you didn't think of calling me????????

At 10:33 PM, Blogger caramaena said...

So, I guess we shouldn't expect any updated posts for a while then huh?


At 12:28 AM, Blogger Robin said...

Sorry Andrew, but the sad truth is that I don't have your number either... and you were away for so long, I still sometimes kind of forget that you're there! Not to mention that the only reason your brother's number is in my brain is that he's had the same one for thirty-six years! ;)

And Cara, I expect that the amount of time I *actually* get to spend playing that game will fall far short of time I would *like* to spend playing it. So I wouldn't worry too much about losing posts over it.


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