Thursday, September 13, 2007

Darth Stewie

I really don't think there's anything I need to add to this picture. Is there?

Other than, "I expect I'll be watching the September 23rd episode of Family Guy". (Of course, I would have been watching it *anyway*, but I digress...)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Clothing Conundrum

A guy's butt gave me an epiphany the other day.

And no, it's not the one you're thinking of. Pervert.

Where was I? Oh, right. Epiphany.

I was at work. (I do tech support for a large Canadian IT company. I work with lots of people, the vast majority of which are younger than me.) As I walk down the hall, I pass a new employee standing at his desk. It's not what he was doing that caught my eye so much as what he was wearing. He had a ball cap and jeans on.

Shocking, right?

Ok, that's not shocking. It's actually pretty normal. It was HOW he was wearing them. The ball cap was turned totally sideways (I suppose to protect his right ear from the potentially harmful fluorescent light) and his pants were totally hanging down way past his butt.

Wow, I thought. The styles that I associated with teenagers have now progressed to people in their twenties who have actual professional jobs and all.

Which made me realize that the styles we wear age with the people who wear them. The clothes that I always thought of as "old people clothes" are the clothes that were popular back when the old folks were young folks!

That means... when I'm really old and still wearing jeans, t-shirts and sneakers... that young people will look at ME wearing MY "old people clothes"!!

And... fifteen or twenty years after THAT, the old folks homes will be filled with geezers wearing ball caps sideways and jeans that don't cover their asses!! (Which at least will be helpful to the employees on 'bathroom duty'...)

But, thankfully, I'll be dead by then.

(Note to my kids:
At my funeral, please make sure that my jeans cover my butt. Thanks.)