Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Times Were Tough In the Old West... Last Weekend

Yes siree, times were tough back in the old West. Or at least, in the old west last weekend, when we took a new old time family picture on our trip to PEI.

I'm still not sure which I'm more concerned about: the 11-year old girl dressed in a skimpy dress with a drink in her hand, or the 7 and 11 year old boys brandishing firearms. And all of them quite pleased with themselves, to boot!

Oh well, at least I've got the badge and the biggest gun.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Technology from the Stone Age

This post is courtesy of my parents. Who NEVER throw anything out.

I present, for your viewing pleasure, before it becomes a permanent fixture in the Smithsonian...

My first computer "modem":

A rotary dial telephone emblazoned with the "Commodore" logo.

How awesome is that?

This came with my Commodore 64 computer. And yes, it did work. It would plug into the computer, and I would *literally* dial-up to a local BBS (bulletin board service) or to the ultimate online system, COMPUSERVE. Man, I could get a movie review, or a sports score, all in text format of course.

I'm pretty spoiled by this whole new-fangled "internet" thing, but I must say, that old stuff was pretty cool at the time.