Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Microscopic Piece of Spidey Movie History...

And to think I almost forgot about this...

Months ago, there was some promotiion for the Spider-Man 3 movie where they invited fans to send in photos to be used as a photo mosaic.

So I did.

Then I totally forgot about it.

Until a couple of days ago.

So I did a Google search for "Spider-Man 3 Photo mosaic" and came up with a link for

Then I searched for "Robin" in the 'search within' section... and what was the first thing that came up? The picture I submitted! It's not actually me. It's my little guy and his friend Paige. And they're totally disguised... but I know it's them!

There's actually a ton of them all around that area of the picture.... here's the full picture and a close up of some of the details:

So now my kid is a part of Spider-Man history.

A *microscopically small* piece, I'll grant you, but still cool.


Here's a link directly to one of the coordinates, if you want to browse around:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Whatever Floats my Boat

Who the heck needs a week long vacation in the tropics...

... when you can have an amazing day trip in your own back yard?

Yesterday my wife and I, along with our friends Kim and Ken, took a guided day trip kayaking along the coast of Nova Scotia, in and around all sorts of little islands, coves, inlets, and other beautiful natural features with lots of names that I don't really know. WhatEVER you call them, they were all awesome.

We started off at 10am in the fog, stopped on an island for lunch, and eventually made it back around 4pm.

Check out these pictures:

The pictures just don't do the day justice. Trust me.

Oh, I wanted to add this final picture, and because it was so special, I wanted to give it a name:

It's called:

"Ken, I'm a little curious WHY you took a picture of my ASS"

But perhaps some questions are just better left unasked.

Whatever floats your boat.

Or, kayak. As it were.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Key Bored

I just solved the mystery that popped up shortly after I solved the mystery.

And someone's going to pay.

The problem is pretty boring... our family computer's been malfunctioning on and off for a few months... sometimes, at the Windows login screen, none of us could type our passwords. It would require going into a profile with no password, and then going out again, or else restarting the computer.

I solved it a few weeks ago. Simple. Replaced the keyboard. Don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.

Then... it started happening again. With the *next* keyboard.

To the extent that I couldn't type in CERTAIN keys. Which was similar, but different. Was it the same problem? Was it the computer after all? How could ANOTHER keyboard need to be replaced?

I lifted the keyboard, considering unplugging it.






That's the sound of liquid splashing on your pants.

The liquid that came pouring out of my keyboard. Not dripping. POURING.

I couldn't recognize the liquid. It's a biy sticky. The smell wasn't familiar. It was kind of a dirty colour.

The only thing that I *DO* know...

... is that someone very close to me is aware that this liquid entered the keyboard. In massive quantities, at that. And didn't choose to mention it to the family computer technician.

I feel an Andy Sipowicz style interrogation coming on.

A Magical Confluence of Events...

...Or else, just call it a lucky coincidence.

And by that I mean, the *exact* day when all five children are leaving the house for almost a week (the four oldest heading to camp either to attend or to lead, the youngest off on a vacation of his own to his grandparents' house) is also the *same* day that the final Harry Potter book is released.

Oh, and did I mention that we pre-ordered *two* copies? Let's do the math for a moment. TWO copies of the book, and TWO people home to read it. Throw in a bottle of Kahlua and a take out pizza, and it makes for a supremely long and enjoyable evening.

Now, it *did* take me twenty-five hours to finish the book, but bear in mind that I worked for eight of those and slept for six more, so that's not too bad, all things considered.

Oh, and the book itself was terribly enjoyable. I'll revisit it again at more leisurely pace when I read it to the kiddies over the next month or so.

Just at a slower and less magical pace.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm Having a Cow, Man!!!....

... when I see what I'd look like if I moved to Springfield!

Here I am, as a Simpsons character:

Pretty nasty, eh? And check out that goatee. Time to pull out the weed whacker.

If you want to make yourself as a Simpsons character, go to The Simpsons movie website, and head for the "create your own Simpsons avatar" link.