Friday, March 06, 2009

Watchmen Watched. Geeks Everywhere Breathe a Sigh of Relief.

Aaaaaaah.  And whew.

When I wrote about the "Watchmen" movie back in August of 2007, the release of the movie seemed long, long away.

No more!

Today's the release date, and I was at the IMAX theatre at midnight to welcome it.

Ok, yes, I'm a little tired.  The movie was close to three hours long.

But it was worth it.

It's funny that I mentioned the Harry Potter films in my original post, because that's what I said to my two big kids as we left the theatre at 3am:  It's just like the Harry Potter films in the sense that they couldn't put *everything* in, and had to change a bit, but nevertheless it is very faithful to the original story and has the same "feel".

Two big geek thumbs up.